[Neuro-IT] Neuro-IT.netouncement - request for roadmap contribution

Marc de Kamps kamps at in.tum.de
Tue Feb 4 10:47:08 CET 2003

Dear Neuro-IT.net member,

An important task  for the Neuro-IT.net network is the creation of roadmaps
for neuro-it. Such roadmaps serve multiple purposes: researchers can find
out what their colleagues in consider to be the state-of -the-art in their
field and where future research should be headed. It is also a valuable
instrument for external organizations to decide where what kind of
interesting research is going on or will be initiated in the near future.
The EU, for instance, considers roadmaps a valuable instrument for decisions
on funding of future research and has made its interest in a neuro-it
roadmap very explicit.

Roadmaps for other fields already exist. A very nice example is the nanotech
roadmap, which can be found in: http://www.cordis.lu/ist/fetnidqf.htm.

We kindly request your active participation in the construction of a roadmap
for neuro-it and would like to ask each of you to provide a one-page
statement on your vision on the state-of-the-art in your field of expertise.
Ideally, such a statement would contain about 10 references to articles that
you consider important. We also request you write a two-page visionary
statement on where, in your opinion, your field should be moving. Such a
statement would contain about 15 references.

This would be a first step. The statements will be collected and put on our
website, together with the articles to which you refer. Subsequent steps in
the actual creation of the roadmap will be announced. Please send your
contribution before March 15th.

We would highly value your contribution and look forward towards receiving

Best Regards,
	Marc de Kamps


Marc de Kamps - Neuro-IT.net
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Dr. M. de Kamps
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