[Neuro-IT] Announcing Thyrix - An agent/environment simulator for alife and AI research

Razvan Florian neuroit at coneural.org
Thu Sep 1 19:41:17 CEST 2005

I would like to announce the release of Thyrix - a fast 
agent/environment simulator designed for research in artificial life or 
embodied artificial intelligence, especially for evolutionary experiments.

- C++ code;
- Object primitives: circles, capped rectangles, borders (semi-planes);
- Composite objects, elastic links, articulated agents;
- Contact detection and resolution;
- 2-dimensional space;
- Quasi-static dynamics;
- Visual sensors;
- Tactile sensors integrated with contact detection;
- User interaction by dragging objects with the mouse;
- Cross-platform portable graphical user interface;

Most of the source code is available for free, under the GNU General 
Public License.

More information: http://www.thyrix.com

Razvan Florian
Center for Cognitive and Neural Studies, Cluj, Romania

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